The Lost Coast

What could be better than backpacking on some of California's most magnificent coastline? With the beautiful beaches and breathtaking cliffs, you won't regret a trip spent here. I can shuttle to Usal, Needle Rock, Hidden Valley, Black Sands, and Mattole.


From towering waterfalls to deep valleys, Yosemite is home to some of California's most impressive landmarks. Hiking through giant sequoias and picturesque mountains is an experience you won't soon forget.

Death Valley

Though hiking through an arid desert isn't everyone's first thought when planning a backpacking trip, Death Valley should not be dismissed lightly. The valley is actually home to one of the nations most impressive wildflower blooms. Just stay away in the summer, when tempuratures can surpass 130° fahrenheit.

Anywhere Else!

Don't hesitate to book my shuttle because your destination wasn't listed. I am flexible, and I love discovering new places. If I haven't been to your destination before, I will drive there before your trip to become familliar with the way. When you book with Rose Adventures, you are in good hands. Check out some of the other places I have been below.

About Me

Hello! My name is Rosemary, and I love the outdoors. Whether it is to the Lost Coast, Death Valley, or anywhere in between, barely a week goes by that I am not planning my next adventure.

In addition to my love of the outdoors, I also have a deep love for my family. I am married with four children and two grandchildren. They often accompany me on my adventures, and I am grateful for the lasting memories we create together.

I started shuttling when some friends of a friend wanted to hike the lost coast, but they were concerned about leaving a vehicle at each end of the trail. I offered to drop them off at Usal and pick them up again at Shelter Cove. That is when I realized that not only do I enjoy helping people get to where they need to go, I also like to meet new people and share experiences with them.

Book a Shuttle

To book my services, inquire about pricing, or to change/cancel your booking, please call or text me on my cell at (707) 621-4416. I will only contact you about your reservation.